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Heating & AC

Jeff's Auto Repair offers complete Air Conditioning service, maintenence, and repair, serving Murrieta, Temecula, and surrounding cities.

    Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning systems have got to be a bit more complex since their introduction back in the late 1930's, but they all still work on the same basic principles.  For Air Conditioning, Condensible gas is gathered and compressed by the compressor, cooled to a liquid by the condensor, and then released from the expansion device in the form of a cold misty spray, much like the spray of an aerosol spray can.  Once the cold misty spray has cooled the interior of the vehicle and is warm and gas again, the compressor gathers it up and the cycle repeats itself again and again.  Automotive heaters simply circulate hot engine coolant through a mini radiator inside the vehicle, called a heater core.


Related Services

 We do complete HVAC service, maintenence, and repair.

                         HVAC SERVICES WE OFFER

Controls - Automatic and Manual
Dual Air Systems
Evaporator Cores
Expansion Valves
Heater Cores
Leak Detection
Orfice Tubes
Rear Air Conditioning
Reciever / Driers
Retrofits from R-12 (freon) to R-134a (the new stuff)

Stay Comfortable

Our auto air conditioning and heating service will ensure you stay cozy in your car during those hot Temecula/Murrieta summer days and chilly winter mornings and nights.